Italy’s Trump

J.R. Mucciolo, Loyola: As we enter the third week of Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans have already gotten a taste of just how expectedly unpredictable their new Commander-in-Chief will be. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump ran a campaign that seemed to contradict most existing political norms, and if there is anything that we […]

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Restoring Democracy

Richard D. Elliott, UMBC: This primary season has showcased the best and worst of American politics. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both electrified the political scene by bringing disaffected voters back into the political arena. Granted, Sanders’ progressive revolution and Trump’s authoritarian populism are far cries from one another, but they have shown that […]

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Out of the Frying Pan: Êzîdî Genocide Survivors in Iraqi Kurdistan

Matthew Petti, Columbia University: On December 4, Human Rights Watch published a disturbing report on the treatment of Êzîdî genocide survivors by the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. The police forces of the KRG are enforcing a blockade on Mount Sinjar, an Êzîdî-majority region that was devastated by ISIS, for political reasons, preventing the return […]

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A Prayer to Circling Birds

Michael Gentile, Johns Hopkins University: An evergreening dollar, a fragile oil agreement, and a constriction of economic options has brought upon a bill-collecting opportunity for Venezuela’s creditors.  On pace for 368% inflation by year’s end, Venezuela will begin 2017 with $15 billion of debt staring down a measly $10.9 billion in foreign reserves.  Their odds […]

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Mr. Trump’s Court

Adam Bryla, Baruch College: The U.S. presidential election has finally come to a long and awaited end, and Donald J. Trump is the last man standing. As many have heard from the media’s rhetoric this past week, the results of this election will have many implications in the U.S. and around the world. One of […]

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