Trump’s North Korean Power Play

Oliver Goodman, Johns Hopkins University: On April 7th, President Donald Trump launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria, striking a prominent Syrian airfield, as the President concluded his dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The attack was cited as a response to credible reports that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons in an […]

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Nuclear Miscalculations

Ian Maddox, Johns Hopkins University: Deterrence functions by threatening to deliver an undeliverable punishment. As a result, nations stockpile destructive weapons, tensions brew, and large-scale war is avoided. This military strategy has played a major part in maintaining global security in the late 20th century. Deterrence policy ensured that the Cold War remained cold. Both […]

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The Supreme Court

Oliver Goodman, JHU: The past decade, especially the last two years, have brought about an unprecedented political arms race regarding the Supreme Court. Theoretically a non-partisan body, the practice of presidents nominating conservative and liberal justices has been a prolific concept since before FDR threatened to collapse the judicial branch himself. The technical practice of […]

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America’s Love of Guns

Adam Bryla, Baruch: Countries all over the western world are perplexed by the ordinary American’s love of guns. My parents were born and raised in Poland, a country with one of the strictest gun control laws in the world. The roots of Poland’s strict gun control laws are difficult to pinpoint, but one can infer […]

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Rural Playbook

Richard D. Elliott, UMBC: One problem that we Democrats face is geography. Republicans rack up easy, often blowout wins in many states. A 12 point victory in Arizona for McCain, a 24 point win in Arkansas for Boozman, a 14 point win in Georgia for Isakson. In fact, Republicans won 15 of these seats by […]

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A Look at European Markets

Michael Gentile, JHU: American overvaluations have opened the door for European markets, whose political risks have shrouded earnings growth and prolonged monetary easing.  As Le Pen’s polls falter and the Euro area exercises its Brexit leverage, the value of the Euro will improve and enhance the credit of debt-ridden lenders, who may receive bailouts regardless.  […]

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Justice for DC

Taxation Without Representation. In Eighteenth Century America, this notion was deemed so intolerable that it eventually sparked a revolution. However, there are still Americans who are taxed without representation in the Twenty-First Century: the citizens of Washington, DC. Nearly seven hundred thousand people live in the District but have no representation in Congress except for […]

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From Bulls to Bears

by Arcuda: In the weeks following Trump’s election, bullishness and investor optimism soared, pulling the market to unprecedented levels, breaking one record after the other in the process. Fast forward three months and you’ll find a completely different outlook brewing on Wall Street; and I’m not just relying on recent headlines to push me to […]

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