The Baltimore Zeitgeist is a political publication starting in the fall of 2014 aimed at providing high quality commentary on the most pressing issues facing America and the world at large. Based in the city of Baltimore, the Zeitgeist strives to serve as a connecting forum for thousands of university students between the area’s 5 major universities — Johns Hopkins, Loyola, Morgan State, Towson, and UMBC. 
We are wholly committed to the notion that the promotion of critical dialogue, unhindered by partisan ideology and parochial biases, is the best path to creating a more balanced and inclusive democratic culture. To this end, our organization will relentlessly strive to bring to the fore diverse opinions from all points of the political spectrum in the hopes that a more nuanced and constructive approach to politics can be imbued in both our writers and, most importantly, our dear readers. 
The Zeitgeist will initially publish on a bi-weekly basis and then transition to a weekly periodical in the spring of 2015. 
We will be looking for writing pieces from all members of the aforementioned institutions–students and faculty alike– and encourage both novice and experienced writers to contribute on a regular basis.
All interested writers should contact us at: baltimorezeitgeist@gmail.com