American Special Forces in Syria

Dana Ettinger, JHU: President Obama is taking a page out of the Republicans’ playbook: he’s sending troops to Syria to combat the Islamic State (ISIS). The conflict in Syria is, broadly speaking, three-sided: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, those rebelling against the Assad regime (including the Kurdish separatists), and ISIS. Ostensibly, both Assad and the […]

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The Left at a Crossroads

Eli Wallach, JHU SAIS Nanjing: The idea that social and environmental issues are complementary is prevalent among the left and for good reason. The effects of climate change are most felt by poor communities, after all, and both climate change and the plight of the poor fall under the progressive umbrella of problems we need […]

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Reports On South Sudan

Lauren Meyer, Loyola University Maryland: The long-awaited report from the African Union regarding the abuses that transpired in South Sudan was released on Tuesday, October 27th, and its findings were extremely upsetting, though not entirely surprising. Since the conflict in South Sudan conflict erupted in 2013, the county has been filled with rampant violence, with […]

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Voir Dire and Epistemic Limitations

Jared Mayer, JHU: This past Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Foster v. Chatman. Timothy Foster was arrested as a suspect in a homicide case. Preceding Foster’s trial, the prosecution proceeded to remove jurors of its choice without further explanation in accordance with its right to strike jurors voir dire. […]

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