Netanyahu Decides to Live in the Past

Isaac Jennings, Goucher College: Following Likud and Benyamin Netanyahu’s recent overwhelming victory in win of the Israeli parliamentary elections, it has become increasingly apparent that Netanyahu intends to live completely in the past.  During the election, Netanyahu stated that there would be no Palestinian state under his watch, but after securing victory, he quickly retracted […]

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Al-Sisi’s Development Strategy: Real Improvement or False Promise?

Ashby Henningsen, UMBC: In recent weeks, Egypt’s government under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has revealed a modernized, economically driven vision for the country’s future. A concerted efforts to propel economic growth has gripped the nation’s headlines. Even as citizens across the country grapple with government plans to construct a new national capital, their leaders are […]

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The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Hidden Grasp on American Politics

Will Anderson, JHU: Driving through my hometown, I often see a bustling Citgo gas station full of customers. Citgo, with the slogan “Fueling good,” has created multiple ad campaigns featuring smiling, healthy Americans and extolling the virtues of locally-owned, community-focused Citgo gas stations. In other ads former U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy (D-MA), who runs a […]

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Contextualizing the Unified Joint Arab List in Israel and Palestine

Muhammad Hudhud, JHU: Before Tuesday, one might have thought that the Joint Arab List had the potential to become the leading opposition bloc in the Knesset, assuming MK Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Union joined the PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud coalition, or vice versa. Herzog however, has ruled out that possibility, as he announced that he will […]

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