The Aftermath of Bardo: Searching for Answers, Facing Uncertainty

Ashby Henningsen, UMBC: For several years, Tunisia has stood as an outlier within the broader Middle East and North Africa. Whereas post-revolutionary violence, ethnic and sectarian divisions, and institutional frailty have plagued many of its neighbors in the wake of the Arab Spring, Tunisia has enjoyed a relatively bloodless and stable transition towards democracy. Yet […]

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Troubles of SYRIZA in Greece

William Theodorou, JHU: Two months after the controversial election that brought SYRIZA to power, the Tsipras administration is struggling to uphold its campaign promises while securing an extension of the country’s bailout. On Monday, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, travelled to Berlin to meet Angela Merkel for what he called “emergency talks,” in order […]

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A Whale of an Issue: No Consensus on Greenland Hunting Regulations

Cara Schulte, JHU: For decades, Greenland (among other nations) has been allowed to continue whale-hunting practices despite the 1986 moratorium. In 2012, they lost this privilege. In 1982 the International Whaling Convention (IWC) decided to end all commercial whaling practice immediately after the 1985/1986 season on account of rapidly declining whale populations.[1] Greenland, a self-governing […]

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