America’s Role in the ISIS Battle

Author: Zachary Goldberg, UMBC ______________________________________________________________ The Islamic State started getting attention in Iraq around early June, gradually getting more and more coverage. The media’s attention to them climaxed with videos of the brutal execution of James Foley, an American journalist. A few weeks later, the Islamic State posted another video of a similar execution of […]

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The Court’s Future

Author: Theodore Kupfer, Johns Hopkins ______________________________________________________________ The 45th President will enjoy a rare opportunity to reshape the United States’ most obdurate branch of government. The Supreme Court of the United States, with four Justices older than 76, could soon have an unfamiliar composition. Determining what that composition will be – and figuring how the not-yet-named […]

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American Politics Has Fallen Into Idiocy

Author: Nick Clyde, Johns Hopkins ______________________________________________________________ American politics has deteriorated into a fatuous, imbecilic show. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest campaign ad from the Grand Old Party.  Disguising their advertisements as reality shows in order to get peoples’ attention, politicians seem to consider the general public to be stupid and disinterested in politics. […]

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Facing a runoff, Brazil’s Rousseff Must Look to Uruguay for Answers

Author: Liam Murphy, Johns Hopkins ______________________________________________________________ In May, Forbes magazine listed Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as the fourth most powerful woman in the world, second among world leaders to Germany’s Angela Merkel. At the time, such praise seemed appropriate. After all, Rousseff presided over Latin America’s biggest economy and was preparing her country to host […]

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Macau: The Other Special Administrative Region

Author: William Anderson, Johns Hopkins  ______________________________________________________________ The recent protests in Hong Kong have set off a wave of inquiry into how China administers the Special Administrative Region (SAR) and if true democracy ever will take root. Despite the fact that a significant and vocal pro-democracy movement has existed in Hong Kong since before the handover […]

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A Court Full of A*t!v@sts

Author: Jared Mayer, Johns Hopkins ______________________________________________________________ It’s that season again. This past Monday, the Supreme Court opened its courtroom doors once again for the start of the October 2014 Term. And the season has its classics: Justice Scalia’s snarky comments from the bench, Justice Thomas fulfilling his oath of silence. But the most classic of […]

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Realistic Policy Making and Effective Governance Lacking in Developing Countries

Author: Ian Anderson, Johns Hopkins ______________________________________________________________ It seems as if in this age of globalization everyone has their own opinions about alleviating the issues of the developing world. On the right we have the neo-liberals who believe that through the market forces of capitalism all of these issues will simply work themselves out.  The barriers […]

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