Satellite Detectives in North Korea: The Role of the Citizen-Spy in the Age of the Internet

Author: William Harris, Goucher College 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ From a distance, the city is beautiful. Thanks to Google Maps, anyone with an internet connection can look up the city of Hamhŭng, North Korea, and see its gently rolling green hills. If you zoom in close enough, however, you may notice a number of small mounds, expanding […]

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The Politics of Voter Turnout: A Comparative Analysis

Author: Tyler Lewis, UMBC 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ Scotland had a significant decision to make on September 18th: whether to become independent of the United Kingdom or remain in union with it. In a relatively close vote, 55% of voters decided to stay with the UK, overruling the 45% that aspired to achieve independence. The shocking news, […]

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The Republican Schism

Author: Theodore Kupfer, Johns Hopkins 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ The 2012 Republican primary cast light on once-hidden tensions within the Republican party. That light was unflattering and revealed cracks within the conservative coalition. Self-declared ‘social conservatives’ threw their allegiance behind the changing candidate who satisfied the needs of their movement. Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich: each […]

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The Role of Students in the Age of Unrest

Author: Nick Clyde, Johns Hopkins 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ This past weekend, I attended the People’s Climate March in New York City. Promoted as “the largest climate march in history,” the demonstration attracted over three hundred thousand people. I encountered a diverse range of people: Native Americans, victims of Hurricane Sandy, labor union workers, food justice promoters, […]

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A Look into the Zaatari Refugee Camp

Author: Muhammad Hudhuh, Johns Hopkins 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ A small, CRT TV sits atop a wooden nightstand as a news anchor lays out the most recent developments in Syria. The sound is muffled, and the picture distorted, flickering between colors. A man in a dishdasheh comes in the “guest” caravan we are sitting in with a […]

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Argentina: Inflated Ego with Inflation Rates to Match

Author: Keely Kerring, Johns Hopkins 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ There is an old joke Argentinians have about themselves: “Debemos reconocer que los argentinos son una raza superior. ¡Son dioses! ¡Están en todos lados pero nadie los puede ver!” Paraphrased in English, it says “We need to recognize that the Argentinians are a superior race. We are gods! […]

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The Gigantic Corporate Tug of War

Author: Katelyn Shiring, Goucher College 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ American Internet giants such as Facebook, Google, or eBay do not hold the record for the highest-earning IPO in US history, as one might think. Instead, it belongs to the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, which had its official IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on September 19, […]

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Preserving Net Neutrality is Imperative

Author: Dana Ettinger, Johns Hopkins 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ On June 1, Internet commenters crashed the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) website. They were participating in the public comment period for a new rule proposed in April that would allow broadband Internet providers to build faster connection lanes and charge companies more for the right to use them. […]

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A New (Hesitant) Egypt

Author: Ahmed Eissa, UMBC 9/29/14 ______________________________________________________________ As he approached the podium, applause from the world’s leaders and delegates filled the room. Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi smiled in return and placed both hands together, offering gratitude for his warm reception. Shortly after his opening remarks to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Sisi announced […]

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