Mr. Trump’s Court

Adam Bryla, Baruch College: The U.S. presidential election has finally come to a long and awaited end, and Donald J. Trump is the last man standing. As many have heard from the media’s rhetoric this past week, the results of this election will have many implications in the U.S. and around the world. One of […]

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The Systems of Racism That We White People Buy Into

Author: Eli Wallach, Johns Hopkins University  ____________________________________________________________________________________ This past Monday, as the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson smoldered in the aftermath of a grand jury statement that set Officer Darren Wilson, killer of black 18 year-old Michael Brown, free of criminal charges, the US was forced to confront a harsh yet often ignored reality: America […]

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Black Friday’s Bait and Switch

Author: Nick Clyde, Johns Hopkins University ____________________________________________________________________________________ The last few holiday seasons have been marked by a regrettable trend: the extension of Black Friday opening hours into Thanksgiving Day for many stores. Black Friday is a fitting name indeed; the destruction of an important family tradition by rampant consumerism certainly invokes images of cancerous tumors. […]

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Would You Like Natural Gas With Your Turkey?

Author: Erin Snyder, Goucher College ____________________________________________________________________________________ This year Thanksgiving, the purely American celebration of our colonial predecessors making peace and breaking bread with Native Americans, coincides timely with a recent Congressional decision. On November 18, the Senate voted to stop legislation that would have approved the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline, […]

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Can Turkey Farmers Keep Up With The Thanksgiving Demand?

Author: Anna Quinn, Johns Hopkins University ____________________________________________________________________________________ A recent report from CNBC predicted a turkey shortage this Thanksgiving. According to the article, corn production was at a low in recent years, leading turkey producers to experience “poor profitability” in last year’s Thanksgiving. Corn and other grains are used as feed for turkeys; so low corn […]

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Grateful For What? A Comparative Look At Tuition In The US and Argentina

Author: Keely Herring, Johns Hopkins University   ____________________________________________________________________________________ The widespread and accessible education system, extending pre-K to university level, that currently exists in Argentina can be attributed to the mission of one Argentine leader, Don Faustino Sarmiento. A well-known crusader for improved schools and education in both Chile and his homeland of Argentina, Sarmiento was chosen […]

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Child Homelessness and Hunger: An Overlooked Matter

Author: Muhammad Hudhud, Johns Hopkins University ____________________________________________________________________________________ Wake up folks: child homelessness in the United States has reached historically high levels , according to a report from the National Center on Family Homelessness (NCFH). The report notes that 2.5 million children were homeless at some point in 2013. [1] That number equates to about one in every 30 American […]

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Are We Insane?

Author: Katelyn Shiring, Goucher College ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Huffington Post calls Black Friday the, “Animal Instinct of Consumerism.” The Holiday season brings a whole month of various compulsive traditions: overeating, overbuying, and overindulging. This culture of extreme indulgence has grown to be associated with the holiday season as much as other traditions such as the Macy’s […]

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Thanks, Obama! And Thanks, Supreme Court, China, and Mario Draghi

Author: Dylan Etzel, Johns Hopkins University        ____________________________________________________________________________________ As we enjoy our Thanksgiving break, many of our relatives will ask us, “What are you thankful for?” In the context of politics, however, this question often goes awry, as the mainstream media and general word of mouth may lead us to believe that the […]

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