From Bulls to Bears

by Arcuda: In the weeks following Trump’s election, bullishness and investor optimism soared, pulling the market to unprecedented levels, breaking one record after the other in the process. Fast forward three months and you’ll find a completely different outlook brewing on Wall Street; and I’m not just relying on recent headlines to push me to […]

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Time to Get Tough on China

Tullius: It is time for the United States government to take a stronger stance on China. The Republican Party is back in control of the federal government. It traditionally supports American business and confident, assertive foreign policy. Republicans maligned the Obama administration for years for orchestrating a retreat of U.S. influence globally while apologizing profusely […]

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The Left Keeps Destroying Itself

Tullius: Last year the term “fake news” was elevated from jargon used to describe entertainment like the Onion and the Daily Show; it perhaps deserves political term of the year for 2016. “Fake news” became at first the slur hurled at Breitbart News and the like by the media elite. New York Times editorialists and […]

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Italy’s Trump

J.R. Mucciolo, Loyola: As we enter the third week of Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans have already gotten a taste of just how expectedly unpredictable their new Commander-in-Chief will be. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump ran a campaign that seemed to contradict most existing political norms, and if there is anything that we […]

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Media Merger Mania

Cameron Little, Johns Hopkins University: Facing wide-spread opposition from government agencies, elected officials, and Presidential candidates alike, the AT&T/Time Warner merger is likely to fail and for just reason. Recently the Department of Justice filed a suit against the potential deal, citing anti-trust issues. U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Al Franken have both been outspoken […]

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The Housewife Who Cooked ISIS

Matthew Petti, Columbia University: When a CNN crew visited Wahida Mohamad al-Jumaily, a female commander in the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) of Iraq, they were shocked by a gruesome sight. Ms. Jumaily, known by the nom de guerre Umm-Hanadi, had photographed herself decapitating and cooking the corpses of ISIS fighters. This incident is not the […]

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Dumb and Dumber: Why Clinton and Trump Should Take Econ 101

Adam Bryla, Baruch College: “Today… there is much support for tariffs–euphemistically labeled “protectionist,” a good label for a bad cause.” American economist and Nobel Prize Laureate, Milton Friedman said this in 1996 but fast-forward 20 years and it still applies. Over the past century, the world has moved ever closer to freer trade but this […]

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Baltimore Votes in Primary Elections

George Gulino, JHU: Tuesday, April 26, was primary day across Maryland, with contests deciding each party’s candidates for a range of elected offices. Baltimoreans elected party nominees for spots on the City Council and the Mayoral race. In most cases, especially in the mayoral race, the Democratic candidate for the office is simply assumed to […]

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