Re-framing the Rockville Rape Case

Julia Byrne, University of Maryland Baltimore County: In Montgomery County, Maryland, a fourteen-year-old Rockville High School student was violently assaulted in the school bathroom by two older male students on March 16. The two boys, who raped the freshman, happened to be undocumented immigrants. Both local and national news outlets have covered the story extensively […]

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Time to Get Tough on China

Tullius: It is time for the United States government to take a stronger stance on China. The Republican Party is back in control of the federal government. It traditionally supports American business and confident, assertive foreign policy. Republicans maligned the Obama administration for years for orchestrating a retreat of U.S. influence globally while apologizing profusely […]

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Trouble on Mount Sinjar

Matthew Petti, Columbia: A seemingly minor conflict in a remote area on the Iraq-Syria border is threatening the stability of the entire Middle East. Although the threat of ISIS has passed, the scars of genocide continue to haunt Mount Sinjar, and pre-existing grudges have come back with a vengeance. A dispute between the Sinjar Resistance […]

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China: An Ugly Ending, or Scene

Michael Gentile, Johns Hopkins University A gambler that owes two years’ salary, Chinese corporate debt has doubled its GDP.  Since the Great Recession, the Chinese government has forgiven and assumed stakes in its largest and most indebted, today known as State Owned Enterprises.  As such, these SOE’s have survived to play again and, in the […]

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The Left Keeps Destroying Itself

Tullius: Last year the term “fake news” was elevated from jargon used to describe entertainment like the Onion and the Daily Show; it perhaps deserves political term of the year for 2016. “Fake news” became at first the slur hurled at Breitbart News and the like by the media elite. New York Times editorialists and […]

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Democratic Rising Stars

Richard Elliott, UMBC: Until recently, it was thought that the Republicans had most of the rising stars in our political landscape. The Young Guns: current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Even Ted Cruz. But […]

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Since The Election

Julia Byrne, UMBC: Since the election, the white working class has been receiving a great deal of attention from liberals, who feel like they’ve let these voters down and need to work harder for them. However, pandering to Donald’s voter base isn’t a smart political strategy. It ignores the core of the resistance against the […]

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Italy’s Trump

J.R. Mucciolo, Loyola: As we enter the third week of Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans have already gotten a taste of just how expectedly unpredictable their new Commander-in-Chief will be. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump ran a campaign that seemed to contradict most existing political norms, and if there is anything that we […]

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Restoring Democracy

Richard D. Elliott, UMBC: This primary season has showcased the best and worst of American politics. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both electrified the political scene by bringing disaffected voters back into the political arena. Granted, Sanders’ progressive revolution and Trump’s authoritarian populism are far cries from one another, but they have shown that […]

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