Baltimore Votes in Primary Elections

George Gulino, JHU: Tuesday, April 26, was primary day across Maryland, with contests deciding each party’s candidates for a range of elected offices. Baltimoreans elected party nominees for spots on the City Council and the Mayoral race. In most cases, especially in the mayoral race, the Democratic candidate for the office is simply assumed to […]

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The Big 4 & Their Tax Plans

Richard Elliott, UMBC: At this point in the election, there are four big candidates remaining. Despite the fact that both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are essentially out of the race, they are still representing a faction in their respective party that their frontrunners are not. Sanders’ democratic socialism and genuine progressivism is a stark […]

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Power Shifts In The Big Apple

Richard Elliott, UMBC: The Democratic primaries have been surprisingly close. A self-described democratic socialist from Vermont who was polling at an impressive 3% when he declared his candidacy has surged, winning eight of the last nine states. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was polling around 61% when Senator Bernie Sanders entered the race, […]

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PACs and Dark Money

Griffin Baltz, UMBC: The controversy over campaign finance has once again reared its head in the midst of the 2016 presidential primary. The National Rifle Association, in particular, has been targeted in the aftermath of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell claim that Obama’s Supreme Court nominee would be appointed only if they were approved by […]

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Bernie and Big Money

Zachary Broner, JHU: As conversations about the transparency of campaign finance and dirty political money continue to heat up along with the presidential election, San Diego attorney and businessman John Cox has come up with a (fashionable) solution. Cox’s initiative, set to be vote upon by California voters in the fall of 2016, would require […]

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