Twenty-First Century Lèse-Majesté?: Erdoğan and Free Speech in Europe

Matthew Petti, JHU, European Horizons: The trial of Jan Böhmermann sits at the intersection of constitutional law and geopolitics. Böhmermann, a German comedian accused of writing a dirty poem about the president of Turkey, is now on trial for insulting a foreign head of state after Chancellor Merkel allowed the charges to move forwards. The […]

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What Refugee Deportations from Europe Say about the Need for Strategic Vision

Ashby Henningsen, UMBC: In recent weeks, European leaders have come under intense scrutiny due to a plan that would send many Middle Eastern refugees back to Turkey. On April 4, the first phase of the deportation policy began when boats destined for Turkey left the ports of Greece carrying refugees [1]. Policymakers in the European […]

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Gazprom: Russia’s Gaz Empire

Gabriel Casella, JHU: Origins The Soviet Union’s economy in the late 1980s was undergoing a radical change from a state-owned command system of production to a privatized free-market system. In 1989, the Soviet Ministry of Gas Industry was restructured into the Gazprom State Gas Concern, a private enterprise. However, on December 25 2005, Rosneftgaz (a […]

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Where Should They Go?

Will Theodorou, JHU: Due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, the country’s citizens continue to seek asylum in Europe. The Syrian Refugee Crisis began in 2011 and, since then, approximately 4,183,535 Syrians have left their home in search of safety. Turkey has handled the biggest burden, hosting approximately half of the total refugees and […]

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A Less than Perfect Union

Alex Fine, JHU: The United Kingdom is well on its way toward implosion. Last September, Scottish voters took to the polls to decide in a national referendum if Scotland should break off and declare independence from the UK. This vote was inspired by a number of contentious issues between Scotland and the larger United Kingdom, […]

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The Disenchantment

William Theodorou, JHU: In January, the Greek people cheered as their newly elected Prime Minister spoke of his intentions to end austerity and bring “dignity” back to his people. On August 20, 2015, only seven months into his heralded first term, he resigned. His resignation came after a summer riddled with administrative incompetency, a moot […]

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Troubles of SYRIZA in Greece

William Theodorou, JHU: Two months after the controversial election that brought SYRIZA to power, the Tsipras administration is struggling to uphold its campaign promises while securing an extension of the country’s bailout. On Monday, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, travelled to Berlin to meet Angela Merkel for what he called “emergency talks,” in order […]

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Liberal Democrats’ Political Mediating Force In the UK On The Decline

Author: William Anderson, Johns Hopkins University _______________________________________________________________________________________ When asked to describe British politics, the learned observer will usually recount lively sessions of Prime Minister’s Questions, boisterous Members of Parliament, and the humorous use of respectful, sarcastic language when debating. Parliament watchers see Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband of the Labour Party and Prime Minister […]

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Swedish Immigration policy: Why all in or all out?

Author:  Alexander Alm-Pandeya, Johns Hopkins University ________________________________________________________________________________________ 12.9 percent—12.9 percent of the votes of the Swedish people went to the far-right, anti-immigration party Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats). Many journalists and politicians expressed disgust and incredulity at the result, claiming that it was a manifestation of apathy and rejection of the complete shutdown of debate on immigration policy. […]

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