Not Just a Mediterranean Problem

Alex Fine, JHU: As the world continues to combat extremism from the likes of ISIS and Boko Haram in locales ranging from Beirut to Brussels, one may be forgiven for not hearing of the Battle of Tipo-Tipo currently raging on Basilan Island in the Philippines. Last Sunday, 18 Filipino soldiers were killed in a day-long […]

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Transparency, Hostility, and Obama: Drone Warfare in Somalia and Beyond

Muhammad Hudhud, JHU: Earlier this month, the United States conducted one of the largest air strikes in its 13-year (and counting) involvement in Somalia. The Pentagon noted that both drones and manned aircraft were used to target an Al-Shabaab training camp in Raso, in the southern half of the coastal country. While the training camp […]

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The Situation in Syria is Worse than Ever, and Worse Than You Thought

George Gulino, JHU: ISIS, or rather Daesh, has come back into focus as a chief international security threat since the attacks in Paris on November 13th. Almost simultaneous suicide bombings/hostage killings at the soccer stadium Stade de France, the Bataclan concert hall and a few bars and restaurants claimed the lives of 130 and injured […]

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The Facts Behind Refugees

Anna Benham, JHU: After the attacks on Paris earlier this November, the American political rhetoric has been loaded and tense. This past week, Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson referred to refugees as “rabid dogs”, and Governor Bobby Jindal instructed the National Guard to “track” refugees. This forces the United States to re-examine what the words […]

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American Special Forces in Syria

Dana Ettinger, JHU: President Obama is taking a page out of the Republicans’ playbook: he’s sending troops to Syria to combat the Islamic State (ISIS). The conflict in Syria is, broadly speaking, three-sided: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, those rebelling against the Assad regime (including the Kurdish separatists), and ISIS. Ostensibly, both Assad and the […]

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The Aftermath of Bardo: Searching for Answers, Facing Uncertainty

Ashby Henningsen, UMBC: For several years, Tunisia has stood as an outlier within the broader Middle East and North Africa. Whereas post-revolutionary violence, ethnic and sectarian divisions, and institutional frailty have plagued many of its neighbors in the wake of the Arab Spring, Tunisia has enjoyed a relatively bloodless and stable transition towards democracy. Yet […]

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