Brokered Convention

Richard Elliott, UMBC: This year, an extraordinarily rare moment in American politics may be actualized: a brokered convention. A brokered convention is a situation in which no single candidate has secured a majority of delegates. The last election cycle with a truly open convention was the 1920 Republican National Convention. In that convention, there were […]

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The Rise of the Right

Alex Fine, JHU: As establishment Republicans come to terms with the very real possibility that the authoritarian, populist, and pseudo-fascist Donald Trump will be their party’s nominee for the 2016 presidential election, many in the United States are struggling to explain how such a brash and divisive figure was able to gain traction in their […]

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GOP Needs to Govern, Not Obstruct

Alex Robledo, Georgetown University: Two weeks ago, the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia shocked the nation. He was a divisive figure, to be sure. Known for his scathing dissents from the bench, Scalia was both loved and loathed for his tendency to never mince words. But even as a fiery defender of […]

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Trump is Not Simply a Nightmare that America Will Awake From and Forget

Guillermo Herrera, JHU: Back in July 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, many assumed it would be a short-lived comic relief from the intensity of a presidential race, particularly because of his outlandish, discriminatory comments and bombastic persona. Today, however, with a firm lead in the Republican primaries, Trump has proved his resilience to […]

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American Special Forces in Syria

Dana Ettinger, JHU: President Obama is taking a page out of the Republicans’ playbook: he’s sending troops to Syria to combat the Islamic State (ISIS). The conflict in Syria is, broadly speaking, three-sided: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, those rebelling against the Assad regime (including the Kurdish separatists), and ISIS. Ostensibly, both Assad and the […]

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