A Look Back at Day 1 of the DNC

Anna Benham, JHU: Brimming with good cheer amid a sweltering and humid Philadelphia summer, the protesters surrounding City Hall seemed to be participants in a festival, rather than representatives of a sharp, self-destructive divide within the Democratic Party. One older woman, dressed in a tank and holding a DEMEXIT sign, described how she had survived […]

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Baltimore Votes in Primary Elections

George Gulino, JHU: Tuesday, April 26, was primary day across Maryland, with contests deciding each party’s candidates for a range of elected offices. Baltimoreans elected party nominees for spots on the City Council and the Mayoral race. In most cases, especially in the mayoral race, the Democratic candidate for the office is simply assumed to […]

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The Big 4 & Their Tax Plans

Richard Elliott, UMBC: At this point in the election, there are four big candidates remaining. Despite the fact that both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are essentially out of the race, they are still representing a faction in their respective party that their frontrunners are not. Sanders’ democratic socialism and genuine progressivism is a stark […]

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Brokered Convention

Richard Elliott, UMBC: This year, an extraordinarily rare moment in American politics may be actualized: a brokered convention. A brokered convention is a situation in which no single candidate has secured a majority of delegates. The last election cycle with a truly open convention was the 1920 Republican National Convention. In that convention, there were […]

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What I Saw at an Anti-Trump Rally

Matthew Petti, JHU: 2014 has been a year of miracles for American politics. An election that could very well have been Bush-Clinton, a clash of Establishment families, turned out to be much more interesting. An arduous primary season has narrowed the race down to five candidates, with the addition possibility of a third-party campaign by […]

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The Rise of the Right

Alex Fine, JHU: As establishment Republicans come to terms with the very real possibility that the authoritarian, populist, and pseudo-fascist Donald Trump will be their party’s nominee for the 2016 presidential election, many in the United States are struggling to explain how such a brash and divisive figure was able to gain traction in their […]

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