In a Sea of Green, Only White

Alex Sadler, Johns Hopkins University As the Democratic National Convention was set to kick off, many were eagerly awaiting the arrival of who they thought would be the first woman President. The only issue? Instead of shouts for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, there were calls for official Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Chants […]

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An Uneasy Peace at the DNC

Adam Rapfogel, Tufts University: Unity: political parties love to claim it and national conventions are generally designed around showcasing it, but in today’s divisive political climate, it often proves elusive. A few short weeks ago at the Republican National Convention, some delegates held one final passionate – but ill-fated – attempt to “dump Trump.” The […]

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A Look Back at Day 1 of the DNC

Anna Benham, JHU: Brimming with good cheer amid a sweltering and humid Philadelphia summer, the protesters surrounding City Hall seemed to be participants in a festival, rather than representatives of a sharp, self-destructive divide within the Democratic Party. One older woman, dressed in a tank and holding a DEMEXIT sign, described how she had survived […]

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This Time It’s Different

George Gulino, JHU: “The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time it’s different.’ ”  -Sir John Templeton Replace the word ‘investing’ with ‘economic policy’, and the saying still holds true. “This time it’s different” should be the motto of those voices still calling for deeper and more prolonged expansionary monetary policy. They bemoan […]

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Bernie and Big Money

Zachary Broner, JHU: As conversations about the transparency of campaign finance and dirty political money continue to heat up along with the presidential election, San Diego attorney and businessman John Cox has come up with a (fashionable) solution. Cox’s initiative, set to be vote upon by California voters in the fall of 2016, would require […]

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